In this article, we will look into how PEMF therapy can be used to fine-tune our body for improved health and wellness. In this section, we’ll be talking about the use of PEMF therapy for routine maintenance and disease prevention. Treating certain minor health issues might qualify as prevention, but the focus here will mostly be on how to keep the body “buzzing” at maximum efficiency while helping it to better adapt to the things that cause disease in the first place – one of the most common causes being STRESS.

The human body as a full choir was meant to “sing” in perfect harmony. Each “voice” from our vital organs, to our brains and limbs, balances itself with every other voice and with the director to make beautiful music. This is how it would work in a perfect world, anyway.

Unfortunately, we don’t always live in a perfect world. Because of energetic interference, the members of the body’s choir often lose their place in the music and ended up marching to the beat of their own drums, creating energetic chaos.

Recognizing that the human body functions as a choir, it only makes sense that things like precise organization, regular practice, and fine-tuning are all vital elements for proper maintenance. Without these things, the body’s “music” will become increasingly more chaotic until there’s not a trace left of anything that even resembles music, but rather disarray and mayhem. Or in terms of bodily health, chronic disease, and early death.

The theory is: Human body is comprised of an intricate tapestry of energetic parts and systems, each of which bears its own unique energetic signature. While these various signatures are designed to complement one another, various internal and external factors – things like poor diet, stress, and chemical exposure – can not only disrupt their harmonious balance but also limit their energetic abilities. This ultimately leads to progressively more intense health problems.

Our body’s normal life cycle involves replacing older (and oftentimes dead) cells with new ones in order to keep every parts and organ function smoothly. This process is contingent upon the healthy and efficient flow of energy, which as a person ages gradually starts to deteriorate. Stress, as you may already know, only makes the problem worse. If left unchecked, it will accelerate the breakdown of cellular communication, as well as inhibit cellular regeneration, leading to greater and more intense manifestations of disease.

Daily stressors can include things like dealing with traffic jams, rushing to meet a deadline for projects, as well as eating inflammatory foods that put stress pressure on the body. Our bodies respond to these stressors by producing a low-level “Fight or Flight” response each time the stressor presents itself. This response is completely normal, as it’s how our bodies modulate stress in order to press on and move forward. It’s when stress becomes so constant and recurring that our bodies become completely overwhelmed and unable to deal with it all that problems arise.

“The cumulative or chronic occurrence of even mild stressors may not allow adequate or full recovery from these (natural stress) responses, and result in very real and increasingly widespread health problems,” warns Dr. William Pawluk, MD, a board-certified family physician and strong advocate of PEMF therapy as a way to prevent stress-induced illnesses. “Stress reactions hasten the decline of our overall health by actually damaging some organs and accelerating the wear and tear on others.”

As for the long-term consequences of unmitigated stress, these include many of the most common health conditions people today face. Conditions like rapid aging, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, impaired immunity, anxiety, and depression, to name just a few. It’s a gradual progression of the disease that Dr. Pawluk describes in terms of 4 cascading layers:

1)Energetic level : these are minor chemical and/or energy imbalances that the body can easily and quickly fix on its own, assuming the problem doesn’t persist due to constant stressors.
2) Physiologic level : these are what emerge when an energetic-level abnormality progresses one step further towards a disease pathology, typically requiring several days for healing.
3) Pathophysiologic level : this is when a physiologic disease is on the verge of becoming pathologic – most chronic diseases become evident at this point – requiring considerably more time to heal on its own.
4) Pathologic level : this is a worst-case scenario in which a disease has battened down the hatches and taken a firm hold inside the body, requiring more extreme interventions because it cannot heal on its own.

In other words, it all starts at the energetic level and ends at the pathologic level. This is why we strongly advocate for preventative PEMF therapy to correct any and all energetic-level “misfires” before they advance into full-blown, pathologic-level chronic disease. Daily low-frequency PEMF therapy can provide long-term benefits in the form of lowered stress, improved energy function, and more efficient cell repair and regenerative healing.

Research online for yourself about PEMF therapy, and learn more about all of the studies that have been conducted on improving overall health by PEMF therapy.

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