This article is intended to share with you how PEMF therapy is reducing fibromyalgia pain and flare-ups that can disrupt your life.

Fibromyalgia is often described as, “Generalized joint pain or chronic widespread pain caused by overactive nerves”. It is a pain processing disorder occurring due to abnormalities in how the central nervous system processes pain signals. It is typically characterized by chronic pain that is widespread in nature, fatigue and allodynia (heightened pain in response to touch). Moreover, patients suffering from this disorder are also likely to experience limb weakness, muscle twitches, palpitations, sleep disturbances among other complaints. Indeed, it is a disorder that leaves a patient with no choice but to seek for the most effective therapeutic options to treat the ongoing disease process as well as to alleviate the symptoms. There are numerous drugs on the market that are used to treat fibromyalgia pain, but they also have numerous side effects. This is where PEMF therapy comes in as other treatment modalities. Its effectiveness has been brought forth through clinical research studies with published results as evidence.

PEMF therapy helps with pain relief in 3 powerful ways:

1) PEMF therapy increases endorphins, serotonin, and other hormones help to relieve pain
How does this work? Let’s begin with endorphins, the “Feel-Good” or “Happiness” hormones. Endorphins are your body’s natural opiates. Your body makes opiates; you don’t have to take any pain killers. There are ways to naturally stimulate endorphins in your body.

PEMF therapy is one of those ways, and there’s research to prove that.

When your endorphin levels are high you naturally feel happier, more relaxed, less stressed, and you certainly feel less pain. Why do you think that most of the powerful pain killers are opiate-based? It’s because endorphins have been shown to be the most effective form of pain relief. But your body can create them naturally. In addition to PEMF therapy, other methods that increase endorphins include massage, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, certain foods, good hydration, and even just smiling. Add PEMF therapy to those methods and you’ll really notice some serious pain relief.

2) PEMF therapy reduces and temporarily interrupts the pain signal. Less signal equals less pain

The second way that PEMF therapy helps is that it interrupts the signal that causes the pain. PEMF generates micro-currents that run through the neural pathways which reduce the signal needed to create the feeling or sensation of pain. Less signal equals less pain perception. PEMF not only helps to improve your “happiness hormones” but it directly decreases the triggering of the pain response. In doing so, it raises your threshold for pain so you don’t feel pain as intensely.

3) PEMF therapy actually heals the problem

Using the analogy of the oil light coming on in your car, PEMF therapy is like putting the oil back into your car so the light goes off. While the traditional medicine approach is like cutting the wire to the oil light so you don’t know that there’s a problem. PEMF actually heals and regenerates the tissue so the pain really goes away.

Pain mechanisms can be extremely complex, but on the most basic level involve a signal being transferred to a receptor and causing a change in cellular behavior.

THE GOAL is to prevent cellular injury in the first place, which is why daily treatment of PEMF therapy is essential. But with acute injuries that have ALREADY happened, the goal is of course, injury resolution and pain management.

The body normally does its own pain-blocking in response to pain signals through an increase in levels of serotonin, endorphin and encephalins along with a decrease in cortisol and noradrenaline.

The primary mechanisms for pain in response to cell injury are edema, apoptosis or necrosis, diminished circulation, decreased cellular metabolism and impaired cellular repair processes. PEMFS reverse all these :
– Improve circulation/microcirculation.
– Enhance cellular metabolism and energy.
– Improve detoxification and reverse swelling/edema.
– Stimulate stem cells and cellular regeneration to ACTUALLY heal the problem so the pain GOES away and stays away.

One particular study carried out in a research hospital in Ankara Turkey provides the above evidence for management of fibromyalgia using PEMF. This study sought to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of PEMF therapy for women with fibromyalgia. In this study, a total of fifty six women between the ages of eighteen and sixty participated. Divided into two equal sides, one group was exposed to PEMF for thirty minutes per session, twice a day for three weeks. The second group was exposed to sham therapy in a similar frequency and period of time as the first group. Assessment done after treatment at four weeks and for follow-up at twelve weeks showed positive results for use of PEMF fibromyalgia therapy. The PEMF group of women displayed higher levels of improvement indices as compared to the women in the sham therapy group. The conclusion arrived at was that low frequency PEMF may improve function, pain, fatigue and global status in fibromyalgia patients.

Click here to read the PubMed Study

Low-frequency PEMF Therapy in FIBROMYALGIA: A Randomized, Double-blind, Sham-controlled clinical study

Research online for yourself about PEMF therapy, and learn more about all of the studies that have been conducted on improving overall health by PEMF therapy.

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