How can we explain PEMF in simple and short terms?
PEMF = Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields in general are used in modern medicine for a variety of defined conditions. Depending on the applied properties (wave form, intensity, frequency, coherence), the exposed field creates local health-benefiting effects around the designated areas, where the field is targeted.

iMRS prime as well as Omnium1 belong to the specific group of low-pulsed and low-frequency devices and due to their unique properties, both systems are designed to create a holistic effect on almost all of the approx. 70 Billion cells in an average human body. The particular principle of operation is based on the capability of boosting and enhancing the membrane potential of each cell with the result to improve microcirculation, metabolism and ultimately energy production (ATP = Adenosine Triphosphate).

Low pulsed and low-frequency PEMF systems are NOT designed to target and/or treat a particular disease, their potential lies in the holistic effect of supporting the entire body to repair and restore its self-regulating forces. Compared to high-intensity and high-frequency devices, the iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems are absolutely safe to use and can be also legally utilized and self-operated in the comfort of people’s homes. iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems are both certified as medical devices and registered/regulated within all markets Swiss Bionic Solutions is supplying.

Are there legal contraindications or interactions?
PEMF devices of all kinds (high- and low-frequency, high- and low-intensity) are not free of contraindications and interactions. Depending on the applied field intensity, frequency and waveforms, contraindications may vary widely. Based on the risk analysis, which is a mandatory part of any medical certification, the legal contraindications for iMRS prime and Omnium1 are as following:
● During pregnancy
● In case of epilepsy
● With electronic implants such as pacemakers or insulin pumps (exceptions with the consent of a treating physician)
● Children younger than 2 weeks

In addition, the following so-called relative contraindications, therefore we name them interactions, need to be considered and must be evaluated by a licensed health care provider on an individual basis prior to a PEMF application:
● Tumor illnesses
● Serious cardiac arrhythmia
● In acute attacks of hyperthyroidism
● In the case of oversensitivity to electromagnetic radiation (EMS)
A manufacturer of any kind of PEMF devices, who does not mention any contraindications publicly (manuals, websites, educational material etc.), is not operating legally and may harm the user with hazardous, unclassified and non-compliant devices!

Are there studies about PEMF?
Application of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields has a vast history within the scope of science and medicine and is scientifically researched for more than a century. Basically, there are thousands of studies and scientific articles published and available, however, most of them with the limitation of lacking comparable classification. Please be aware, that a study which contains the term PEMF may not and cannot be claimed for every system or device on the market! The decisive factor of whether a clinical study can be related to a certain system or device is solely depending on the applied properties the study has been performed with.
These properties are waveform, intensity levels, applied frequency spectrum, applicator design and -technology, duration of applications, the environment of the study, number and age group of probands, duration of the study. As of today, competitive manufacturers and suppliers of PEMF devices are claiming their own research and create the impression, that only their devices or systems are medically approved or deliver certain results. Industry-friendly studies with dependent and paid individuals are only good for marketing, but do not, in any way, reflect scientifically and independently proven effects. The same applies to often called patented signals: Under no circumstances can a patented signal or patented waveform claim a clinically proven health-benefiting effect. A patent is nothing else than a legal form of protection of intellectual property. This approach is not only misleading but also illegal and against applicable law. The applied PEMF properties of iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems are based on fundamental and basic research (Biology, Physics) with Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields and their effects on living organisms- all concentrated on the crucial constituents: waveform, intensity levels, frequency spectrum, applicator layout and technology, resonance and coherence! The efficiency and performance of a PEMF system or device is by no means depending on the brand name but solely on the applied properties!

Can PEMF heal illnesses?
PEMF applications with iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems are in general not designed to treat or heal specific diseases. Based on the most recent clinical evaluation, which is mandatory within the scope of the certification of medical devices, the iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems from Swiss Bionic Solutions are cleared for the following, specific areas of application:
● To promote bone healing, e.g. in the case of a bone fracture
● To reduce the sensation of pain, e.g. from diseases of the locomotor system
● For improved wound healing
● For improved peripheral microcirculation
All, eventually, additional health benefiting effects, are mainly based on and created by the holistic impact of the coherent interactions between the applied properties and the cellular structure of the organism.

How do healthy people benefit from PEMF?
In order to create and maintain a healthy organism, the smallest intelligent building block, the human or animal cell, needs to perform on the highest level possible. Metabolism serves as the mechanism to transform all applied nutrients, oxygen and other vital substances into ATP = Adenosine Triphosphate and at the same time to efficiently release the produced waste. ATP is predominantly responsible for initiating and maintaining all vital functions within a living organism. In addition, proper microcirculation enables the organism to supply vital information via hormones and neurotransmitter, to effectively remove waste and to sustain immune defense. The performance and functions of all tissues, organs, glands, muscles and joints are subject to impeccable microcirculation and cellular functionality.

Why is PEMF more and more utilized in a clinical/professional environment?
● Because it serves as a very effective conjunctional application, significantly improving success of established therapy routines.
● Because it promotes comprehensive healing based on self-regulation.
● Because there are almost no contraindications and interactions with medication or other therapies.
● Because it provides the foundation for other therapies, specifically in cases, where a good constitution /energy level of the patient is crucial for the healing process.
● Because its efficiency is nowadays medically acknowledged and scientifically proven.
● Because it is easy to use, doesn’t require expert staff and doesn’t need supervision during an application.
● Because PEMF often helps and improves state of health when other modalities show no results anymore.
● Because it is non-invasive and very safe to use.
● Because the cost-benefit ratio is unparalleled.
● Because it requires no maintenance and is not a consumable.
● Because iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems from Swiss Bionic Solutions are considered to be very safe, medically certified and legally regulated with the respective authorities.

Can I use PEMF, if I have a metal implant (surgical screws, staples, plates)?
Not every PEMF device can be used in case a patient carries a metal implant. High-intensity devices create interactions which may lead to a heating-up of the metal inside the body! iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems from Swiss Bionic Solutions can be used without any restrictions as their applied intensity levels are too low to create interactions with the metal.

How can microcirculation be defined?
Microcirculation is a fundamental process of our metabolic system, which allows via regular blood flow to supply every single cell in our body with necessary nutrients, vital substances and oxygen. It is also responsible for the proper evacuation of waste products (carbon dioxide, other toxins). The prefix micro is related to the smallest vessels within our organ system. Microcirculation is
divided into numerous structures: Arteriols, capillars, lymphatic vessels as well as the entire interstitial space between those.

What are the main causes of microcirculation disorders?
The main influence on disturbances on microcirculation are based on lifestyle of the individual and environmental factors (specially in industrial countries). Lack of exercise, obesity, poor diet, physical/mental stress as well as significant environmental pollution. The cumulating effects of these triggers create a negative effect on circulation and appear to be the main cause for premature aging and the ever-rising development of chronic diseases.

What does PEMF stand for?
The term PEMF means -Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields- and describes in modern physics the specific application of unique pulsed, electromagnetic frequencies and intensities for the health and wellness benefit of human beings and animals.

How do I know which application protocol I have to use and which is the best in regards to my particular condition?
PEMF is not designed to treat or heal any particular disease. The approach of low-pulsed PEMF is holistic and therefore also not limited to certain conditions. The concept of finding the best protocol for an effective treatment with PEMF is not based on the “diagnosis” and a particular setting but on the important detail, whether “the” certain condition is acute or already chronic. An acute disease is usually reflecting the “worse” state and in acute stages the related symptoms are definitely the worst. In such cases the correct approach with PEMF is to apply a holistic whole-body application with shorter duration but higher intensities as the healing reaction of the body is already present (inflammation) and a desired, fast healing effect is not compromised by so-called Herxheimer effects (= worsening of existing symptoms). In simple terms: Acute condition = shorter duration of whole-body application with higher magnetic field intensities! Chronic conditions, as the word says, are conditions, which are commonly defined by “longer than 6 months”. In these cases, symptoms already declined, but are still omnipresent and constantly affect the quality of life of the person affected. In order to support the self-healing properties with PEMF and at the same time to avoid strong and unpleasant Herxheimer effects (= healing reactions = initial worsening of symptoms), the correct approach with PEMF is to apply a holistic whole-body application with longer duration but lower intensities. This will gradually control the Herxheimer effect but at the same time still create healing support with a more gentle and tolerable progress. In simple terms: Chronic condition = longer duration of whole-body application with lower magnetic field intensities! With both approaches, please be aware, that consistency is hereby the key while utilizing PEMF! A holistic modality only creates lasting effects, when the application will be performed on a daily basis! Please download our particular application protocol recommendations with all available applicators for the iMRS prime and the Omnium1 systems.

How long it takes until PEMF therapy is creating results?
Usually, basic success with a PEMF therapy depends on the severity of the condition itself and on the age, general condition and lifestyle of the user/patient.
Acute conditions = faster results
Chronic conditions = results may take longer and are usually insidious.
If used with consistency according to the proposed application protocol, results become present within a time frame of 2-4 weeks, with some acute conditions in even shorter time. Hydrating is very important while utilizing PEMF applications. Please make sure to always drink a glass of purified or activated water prior to a PEMF application, this will greatly improve efficiency!

How long do I need to use PEMF?
Basically, and if assigned because of a particular situation, apply as long as the healing period has been accomplished and you are free of any symptoms. However, PEMF application is also designed and effective as a preventive modality. Apart from a healthy lifestyle (proper diet, hydration, exercise, avoid alcohol and nicotine), implement PEMF application into your daily routine! The use of iMRS prime or Omnium1 is very beneficial in terms of keeping your entire organism healthy, PEMF supports relaxation, stress relief and improves your quality of sleep!

Does PEMF replace conventional therapy?
PEMF application is a conjunctional modality, but does not replace conventional treatments, administered by your health care provider! However, as PEMF therapy improves the self-healing capacities, it serves as a powerful support to speed-up repair and healing and may be capable of improving and optimizing the results of existing and applied primary therapy modalities.

What is the purpose of using different applicators?
The iMRS prime as well as the Omnium1 are designed for holistic applications with the supplied whole body applicator. In addition and depending on your personal selection, both systems can be also used with local applicators, such as Exagon Pad, OmniPad and/or Exagon Spot, OmniSpot. Those local applicators are mainly designed to be used AFTER or in between a whole body application to address certain conditions locally, mainly related to pain relief and local increase of blood circulation. As the iMRS prime as well as the Omnium1 expose different waveforms for the whole body mat (triple sawtooth) and the local applicators (square wave), one application does not replace the other, they actually complement each other. A local application shall be applied with the same principle and approach as the whole body applicator:
Acute conditions = shorter duration with higher intensities,
Chronic conditions = longer duration with lower intensities.

What is the purpose of the Fast Start Programs?
The Fast Start Programs, built-in the iMRS prime and Omnium1, are designed to provide a simple (one-touch-operation) and effective way to rapidly achieve certain overall wellness effects. All involved parameters are hereby already preprogrammed (including organ clocks = carrier frequencies, intensity levels incl. eventual combinations of it) and in case of utilizing Exagon Brain or OmniBrain, the preferred flicker frequencies, colors and tone sequences are also generated and provided automatically. Overall, the Fast Start Programs are a very easy, safe and efficient way to utilize PEMF-, Light-, Sound- and Color-therapy without any previous knowledge while creating the desired results.

Do I feel something during a PEMF application?
Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields within the low-frequency and low-intensity range can usually not be sensed by the user. However, many people may feel a slight tingling in their fingers, arms, toes or legs. Additionally, due to the increase of blood circulation, people feel a pleasant warmth inside their body. The warmth is hereby not generated by the applicator itself but by the body`s reaction on it
(= resonance effect). People with a very high sympathetic level (stress) tend to fall asleep quickly during a PEMF application due to its balancing, relaxing and calming properties. Be aware to slowly stand up after an application to avoid positional vertigo.

What to do, if I don’t achieve the results I expect?
The Nr.1 success factor of PEMF is based on the willingness to use the application on a consistent basis.
Nr.2 success factor is to follow the individual protocol, provided by the Swiss Bionic Solutions Certified LifeStyle Consultant.
Nr. 3 success factor represents the personal lifestyle. Hydration, diet, exercise and avoiding prevalent vices will contribute greatly to a faster and considerable success. If all three above mentioned rules will be followed accordingly, improvement usually appears within a time frame of 4-8 weeks. Nevertheless, if absolutely no change can be observed, please contact your assigned Swiss Bionic Solutions LifeStyle Consultant and ask for a protocol amendment. Sometimes, certain users suffer from a so-called regulation blockage. By adjusting the application parameters and eventual additional measures, the blockage can be released and the effect kicks in.

Can I use PEMF longer than the recommended 24 minutes to speed up the effects?
Low-pulsed PEMF systems are designed to deliver frequency bundles, which are exposed via the connected applicators. The main goal of a holistic PEMF application (with a whole body mat) is to deliver these frequencies inside the entire body utilizing physical induction. As a result, the addressed cellular structures are capable of understanding this information and start to resonate with it
(MRS = Magnetic Resonance Stimulation)! Scientific observations show, that after a certain time frame (20-25 minutes), cells start refusing to absorb external stimuli (fatigue effect) but are still capable of resonating with it for a long time, even if the initial signal is not supplied anymore. Based on these facts, it makes simply no sense to apply PEMF for hours and hours, as it will not enhance or
promote the desired effect anymore. It appears to be much more beneficial to utilize PEMF 2-4 times/day with durations of max. 24minutes and 4-6 hours of breaks in between. As an exception you may additionally use local applicators with longer durations (up to 60 minutes) in case of very acute conditions (sport accidents, incisions, bruises etc.).

What is the effect of the built-in organ clock?
PEMF systems from Swiss Bionic Solutions (iMRS prime as well as Omnium1) are equipped with a so-called Chinese organ clock. This principle from TCM (= Traditional Chinese Medicine) refers to the thesis, that living organs are not equally active during a 24-hour
period (biorhythm). The built-in Chinese organ clock in our PEMF systems controls the applied frequency-bundles and aligns it towards the time of the day an application will be performed. This ensures, that every organ will receive its resonating frequencies according to their natural behavior. In case Brain Wave Entrainment with Exagon Brain or OmniBrain will be simultaneously applied,
the organ clock also controls the exposed frequencies (audio-visually) to address to the brain.

Why do I sometimes hear a soft click noise out of the Connector box?
The iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems are equipped with a D/A-Converter (transforming digital into analog signals), responsible for translating the digital input command into an analog, electromagnetic field. A unique property of both systems is the so-called pole shift: Every 2 minutes the electromagnetic north- and south pole of the exposed field are inverted during an application (with
all available applicators), which can be heard by a soft click noise inside the Connector box. This property allows to prevent from the undesired fatigue effect and improves the resonance and coherence factor with the exposed cellular structures.

What is so special about the Exagon Spot or OmniSpot?
The Exagon Spot or OmniSpot are both local applicators to apply PEMF on specific areas of the body. The specific design of these applicators allows two different approaches:
● Side by side position of the coils = open configuration to lay on body surfaces (similar to Exagon Pad or OmniPad)
● Folded version = applicator can be wrapped around a body part (arm, hand, knee, leg, shoulder etc.). This particular setup let the coils face each other and create the so-called Helmholtz configuration. This physical effect allows the electromagnetic field to become 100% homogenous in the center space of the two opposed coils and enhances hereby the desired effect.

How far away from the applicator does a PEMF signal still create an effect?
PEMF signals are characterized by the property to spread in any direction equally. At the same time PEMF signals lose intensity very quickly over distance. With the iMRS prime or Omnium1 systems from Swiss Bionic Solutions and obviously depending on the chosen intensity level during an application, the magnetic field strength will still create a beneficial effect within a radius of up to
1m/3ft = more than enough to penetrate through the entire body mass of a user during an application.

Do I have to undress or dress less while performing a PEMF application?
PEMF signals are also characterized by the property of penetrating through solid material (even concrete). Therefore, it is not necessary, and it does not create any additional beneficial effect, if the user undresses. However, please make sure, that you empty your pockets, remove your wallet, credit cards, take off your ring(s), watch and other jewelry as alloys may interfere with the electromagnetic pulse packages and so create a disturbing influence on the exposed field.

At which end of the whole body applicator do I place my head?
Always place your head at the end of the whole body applicator where the cord is attached. There is a good reason for that, as the magnetic field intensity on the whole body applicator is weaker in the head area and stronger at the feet area.

Where can I place my body applicator during an application?
You can place the body applicator on a massage table, cot, floor, couch (if it is a trim couch), gravity chair (oversized) or even on top of your bed (if it has a somewhat firm mattress) but never under your mattress (except a 100 % foam mattress). You can also place the applicator on top of the body (in case someone is bed bound).

How do I clean my Swiss Bionic PEMF system?
You can easily clean your control unit or tablet with mild soap and a moist cloth. For the touch screen use specific screen cleaner (same as for computer screens, tablets and smartphones). For the applicators apply mild soap with a moist cloth and rub it dry with a microfiber cloth. If you would like to disinfect your unit, you can do so with a mild disinfectant. Please avoid using sprays or harsh
products such as Lysol.

What is the benefit of using Exagon Sense with the iMRS prime?
“Exagon Sense” is another unique feature of the iMRS prime and contains of a combination of a hardware component (The “Exagon Sense” optical, photoplethysmography sensor) and a sophisticated algorithm programmed into the firmware of the iMRS prime. While attaching the finger sensor and activating the Exagon Sense function during an application, the iMRS prime constantly measures the heart rate of the user and evaluates the Heart Rate Variability Coefficient (HRVC) in approx. 60 seconds intervals. Depending on the respective result, the iMRS prime automatically adjusts the applied electromagnetic field intensity dynamically during the entire duration of the application. This function is also called “The PEMF Auto Pilot” as, based on the individual biofeedback, evaluated by HRV, the reaction of the user on the applied PEMF field is constantly recognized and the magnetic field intensity will automatically be aligned. In addition, the iMRS prime is recording all HRV data. Those data can be downloaded at any time and utilized for further evaluation through external HRV analysis software. As an informational add-on, the iMRS prime also calculates and displays the SPO2 values of the user during an application.

What is the warranty on Swiss Bionic Solutions devices?
There is a 3-year warranty on everything except: the Omnium1 control tablet itself has a 1-year warranty and the Omnibrain, Exagon Sense and Exagon Brain have a 6-month warranty. Warranty extensions can be additionally purchased.

Is PEMF capable of increasing general performance levels of athletes?
The answer is a clear “YES”. Based on the mode of operation, PEMF optimizes cell membrane potential. This effect leads to a better absorption of nutrients and oxygen and therefore increases the body`s own production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).
More ATP = more energy = more power = better performance!
In addition, PEMF increases microcirculation = better supply of all performance-related substances throughout the entire organism = better performance!

Is PEMF considered to be doping?
As PEMF only balances, improves and optimizes existing potentials of the entire organism and no external substances are being supplied, performance enhancement with PEMF is not only 100% legal, it also does not create side effects and/or interactions!

Can PEMF help with faster regeneration?
Today the regeneration process in athletes is much better understood and respected. Rest after training or competition becomes a crucial factor in building and maintaining the highest levels of performance and professional regeneration also serves as a protective measure to prevent from injuries and illnesses. Low-pulsed PEMF applications with iMRS prime or Omnium1 promote the evacuation of lactic acid, creatine kinase and further waste substances and still keep the metabolism active, even in stages of rest and digest – this process is important to channel the toxic substances through the lymphatic system and “clean up” the entire organism. Simultaneous use of Exagon Brain or OmniBrain creates an additional effect on the mental state of an athlete, depending on which light frequencies, colors and tone sequences will be applied.

Has PEMF an influence on concentration, focus, coordination, reflexes and anticipation?
Based on the property of PEMF to optimize overall functions of metabolism, the motoric performance spectrum can be optimized. Additional Brain Wave Entrainment improves mental strength, awareness and wide awakeness. Utilizing both modalities simultaneously, body and spirit will experience a higher level of general efficiency.

What is the best PEMF protocol for athletes?
As athletes have generally a higher basic level of metabolism, the applied intensities and application durations with the iMRS prime or Omnium1 differ from conventional approaches. Based on our experience and the numerous feedback from athletes using our systems all over the world and in various sports, the following protocols appear to be most efficient:

A) Preparation for training/competition:
– Whole body application, no later than one hour before training/competition with intensity level 100 and application duration 16 minutes (if applicable, Exagon Brain or OmniBrain with color blue and organ clock “Noon”)!

B) After training/competition:
– Whole body application with intensity level 10 and application duration 24 minutes (if applicable, Exagon Brain or OmniBrain with color green and organ clock “Evening”)- Additional local application with Pad or Spot on the designated muscle areas with intensity level 50 and application duration 24 minutes (can be repeated with a break of two hours in between).

C) Basic routine:
– A general morning session after waking up with intensity level 50 and application duration 16 minutes (if applicable, Exagon Brain or OmniBrain with color blue and organ clock “Morning”)! as well as a night session before bedtime with intensity level 10 and application duration of 24 minutes (if applicable, Exagon Brain or OmniBrain with color green and organ clock “Night”) can be performed as a basic and consistent routine.

What is the “unique” property of Exagon FIR?
The iMRS prime is the only low-pulsed PEMF system in the entire world providing an applicator allowing simultaneous PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) and FIR (Far InfraRed) application. Far InfraRed (FIR) radiation is an InfraRed subdivision of the electromagnetic spectrum and has been clinically investigated for biological effects, mostly within the sub-range of roughly 3-12µm (biological window). FIR creates a holistic effect from the inside-out (similar to PEMF) = thermal AND a-thermal radiation will be absorbed and enhanced through vibrational and rotational effects on a multi-molecular level. While using Exagon FIR, the resonance absorption rate is very efficient due to the small distance between the user and the emission surface and its even distribution. Simultaneous application of PEMF and FIR exponentiates the beneficial effects of each modality without interfering or disturbing each other. On top of it, a FIR application feels extremely pleasant, soothing and relaxing and is very safe and free of noticeable risks.

Can I feel the warmth while using Exagon FIR?
The Exagon FIR contains of an additional layer of carbon fiber wire, which gently warms up over the surface during an application. The exposed warmth can be subjectively felt and experienced. The temperature can be set prior to an application between 32 °C and 45 °C.
Does it matter, on which side I lay down on Exagon FIR?
Please ensure, that you lie on the surface side with the embossed “Exagon Series” logo as the carbon fiber layer is integrated directly below this side of the surface.

Is the temperature value a crucial setting for the efficiency of an FIR application?
As FIR emits thermal and a-thermal radiation, the temperature setting is not necessarily the crucial value with respect to the benefit of the application. The temperature and therefore the sensation of warmth or heat is more or less a subjective feeling and also depends on your disposition at the time of the respective session. It is hereby more important to receive the a-thermal wave lengths to greatly benefit from an FIR exposure, the reception of warmth or heat is an additionally pleasant sensation, which complements the entire experience.

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