According to Bryant Meyers, the author of the book  [PEMF -The Fifth Element of Health] is way out in front of this Covid-19, and, the one consensus across the board is this : To be safe in the face of flu-inducing viruses, build your immunity and do not compromise it in any way!

The Coronavirus targets people with low functioning immune systems. PEMF Can Enhance Your Immune System via microcirculation and possibly improve your chances of not getting (or fighting) viruses and diseases like COVID-19.

What do the PEMF experts say?
“There is no research evidence to support the use of PEMFs specifically to help with coronavirus… that being said it is worth considering the use of PEMFs to help with not only dealing with viruses specifically but with keeping tissues healthier” 

Dr. William Pawluk

Protect your family with PEMF therapy
Coronavirus is an epidemic that has been vastly spreading throughout the world. Many people are looking for a solution to protect themselves and their families. PEMF therapy is based on more than 40 years of worldwide research carried out by renowned scientists and many years of practical experience by thousands of doctors, chiropractors and therapists.

Since PEMFs provide some benefits in the management of other types of infections, it is worth considering the use of PEMFs to help with not only dealing with viruses specifically but also with keeping tissues healthier to decrease the likelihood of infection and help recovery from current infections.

PEMF Helps to Re-establish the biological Terrain

Just like healthy plants require a healthy soil or terrain, so too, the cells in our body need certain need a healthy milieu, terrain or soil to thrive. Only in the case of our 100 trillion cells, the soil is primarily fluid based. The quality of our health is dependent on the quality of the health of our cells and the health of the cells is dependent on the health of your terrain or internal fluidic “soil”.

9 Ways PEMF Improves Biological Terrain & Enhances Immunity

#1 – PEMF Increase Microcirculation (Blood and Lymph)
PEMF improves circulation and microcirculation, and this is right at the heart of PEMF therapy. It improves circulation in just about every possible way you can.

  • It increases nitric oxide which has a vasodilating effect; it makes the blood vessels wider so blood can flow more easily.
  • It helps to prevent the Releaux effect, which is when the red blood cells stick together and stack like coins. That makes it difficult to get through the capillaries because red blood cells can only go through in a single-file line in the capillaries. And again, they’re bringing oxygen to be diffused into the cells to produce energy.
  • PEMF lowers the viscosity of water, blood, or plasma, and makes the blood flow more easily.

So, all three of these combined effects are enhancing microcirculation which, again, helps deliver nutrients, improves oxygenation, improves cellular hydration, boosts your immune system, helps to eliminate waste products, and much more. In fact, one of the primary mechanisms of PEMF and how it helps the body to heal itself from just about everything is this improved microcirculation.

#2 – PEMF Increase Cellular Voltage (shields up) & ATP
PEMF helps to increase cellular resistance to virus injections. This means the viruses cannot penetrate INTO the cells!! Cellular voltage.
Also the production of substances that markedly suppress virus infections when transmitted to unexposed cells. The virus suppressor substances induced by the magnetic field which are important in the regulation of virus replication!

PEMF increases metabolic energy of ATP production in the mitochondria. PEMF therapy has been research-proven to go in both directions, meaning it helps to stimulate the production of ATP in the mitochondria through microcirculation, transportation of nutrients, co-enzymes, oxygen – everything that the body needs to create ATP, or energy. And, PEMF therapy stimulates the activity of ATP-ase which helps to release energy from ATP. From a physical perspective, ATP is really the universal currency of energy in the body.

#3 – PEMF Enhances Respiration and Increases Oxygen
Because of PEMF’s ability to open up all our microcirculation channels, PEMF is helping us to absorb the food we eat, the supplements we take, the water we drink, the air we breathe; pretty much everything we are doing, PEMF is enhancing the absorption and assimilation of all of those essential elements of health. So, it’s sort of like a “master element.” It just makes everything work better!

#4 – PEMF Helps to Detox the Body
We need to get the nutrients in and put all the good stuff into our body and into our cells – and take all the garbage out. So, taking the garbage out means getting rid of all the toxins that are accumulating in our tissues from the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, all the electrosmog around us, so energetically there are toxins.

The main pathways through which toxins get out of our body primarily starting with the lymph and the liver. The liver packages all of these toxic things so they can be processed and removed through the elimination channels. The lymphatic system is like our body’s sewage system so, when our lymph is stagnant we can’t detoxify as well. PEMF improves the flow of our lymph, it enhances the energy of our liver, and it opens up our four elimination channels; the bowel, kidneys, skin and breath.

#5 – PEMF Reduces Stress
Fundamentally, PEMF helps the body to slow down and relax, and shifts the nervous system into more of a parasympathetic response; especially PEMF devices like the iMRS that uses these lower Earth frequencies that very healing, regenerative and have a very relaxing effect on the brain and the body, because the lower frequencies are in synch with the alpha brain state, for example, which is like a relaxation brain state.

A big part of why we get sick is stress, and a big part of how we heal is to relax. PEMF works with stress in many ways:
It reduces the brain’s reaction to stress by helping with relaxation.
– PEMF acts positively on the functional state of the nervous system and endocrine system as well as on tissue metabolism.
– PEMF helps with the heart rate and lowers blood pressure which makes the body less reactive to stress hormones.
– PEMF activates the parasympathetic system which is the rest, digest and repair system. Again, this is very important – part of the relaxation response.
– PEMF stimulates the spine in reducing the production of stress hormones.
– PEMF helps the body to eliminate the neurotransmitters and hormones produced by a stressful event.
– PEMF defends the tissues and cells of the body from physical changes induced by the stress chemicals and hormones.

#6 – PEMF Improves Sleep
After pain relief, this is the second most abundant testimonial to get from people; especially with the iMRS which uses those lower sleep frequencies at night. Because the brain is electromagnetic and we can, through entrainment use a lower, slower frequency magnetic field to slow the brain waves down before you go to bed. This is why we want to use the theta-delta frequencies – the low frequencies – before bedtime. There are many studies with PEMF showing that it does help with better sleep.

#7 – PEMF Reduces Inflammation
Significant changes occur in other white blood cells called lymphocytes, from low intensity, low-frequency PEMF. PEMF inhibit growth and the natural death of unwanted lymphocytes that decreases inflammation. The PEMF inhibition of lymphocytes and then inflammatory processes appears to be most obvious 48 and 72 hours after PEMF treatment and then the PEMF effect seems to disappear. This indicates that the effects of PEMFs can work well with other natural treatments.

Overall, PEMF is an ideal therapy for both acute and chronic inflammation and pain conditions due to the way that it interacts with our biology on a cellular level. By correcting physiological imbalances, pain is reduced in the short term while long term healing and recovery is optimized.

#8 – PEMF Enhances Immunity
The immune system is our main level of protection. There are many layers of protection staring at our skin and our gut, and then down into our blood and lymph and all body cells. The immune system is protecting our body from toxins, bacteria, pathogens like fungus, viruses, parasites.

The way that PEMF is stimulating the body to heal itself from all these is, first and foremost, it improves microcirculation, increases cellular voltage, improves oxygenation and increases our body pH. When we put all of that together, we are creating a biological terrain or environment that is inhospitable for bacteria and pathogens and viruses and so forth. So this is much more of a homeopathic approach than trying to kill all of these things with an allopathic approach which a lot of energy medicine devices have. It’s so much more effective because we are actually clearing out the cesspool, or the swamp, so that our internal environment is transformed where these bacteria just can’t flourish.

PEMF is also directly stimulating the energy of our immune system cells – our T-cells, B-cells and the production of antibodies. At the most fundamental level, it helps to change our biological terrain so that we don’t get sick in the first place.

#9 – PEMF helps with Cell to Cell Communication
PEMF is working with our body to stimulate stem cells naturally, and to help those stem cells in the tissues that they’re in, to differentiate and heal that tissue more quickly in case of an injury. So again, PEMF fundamentally really helps with healing and regeneration.

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