Conventional medicine defines cancer as a colony of malignant cells, or a tumor. If you have a tumor, then the conventional oncologist will try to cut or slash it out via surgery. After the tumour is being removed, then you will be typically recommended with chemotherapy to try to kill any remaining cancer cells with toxic poisons. And will finish off with radiation, to burn whatever cancer cells remain.

Alternative medicine sees cancer as a multi-dimensional, systemic total body disease. The cancer tumor is merely a symptom and the purpose of the alternative cancer treatment is to correct the root causes of cancer in the whole body.

The fact is we develop cancer cells throughout our bodies throughout our lives. Our bodies are normally able to find them, identify them and destroy them before they are able to grow uncontrollably. It is a normal occurrence, which is constantly taking place even in a healthy body. It is only when the healthy body becomes unable to mount its normal defenses and the cancer cells are allowed to reproduce at an uncontrollable rate that cancer becomes life-threatening. This is due to a failure or breakdown of our normal immune system. The immune systems breakdown, and its cause, needs to be treated in conjunction with cancer, in order to assure the best possible outcome for the patient. Any treatment that does not address underlying causes for the breakdown of the immune system will be palliative at best, and life-threatening at their worst. Cancer must be treated not only as a disease in and of itself, but as a disease of opportunity that takes place in a compromised host. We must look at the patient as a whole multifunctional organism with immune responses that are as varied as the diseases they are required to fight. If we do not have the means to stimulate an immune response, our chances of success are extremely slim, and that is exactly what our findings are with the pharmaceutical radiation surgical approach.

It’s important to remember the basic physiology of all cancer cells. Whether it be breast, prostate, renal or lung, there are many facets of their physiology that will remain constant. Glucose is taken in as a primary food; lactic acid is excreted from the cancer cells into the blood. The blood carries the lactic acid to the liver, where it is converted back into glucose to feed the cancer cells. This occurs in all known cancer cells. It has been well documented in many studies, that, many years ago serum glucose levels were used to monitor the progress of the disease. [1] [2] It was well established that as the disease progressed, serum glucose levels would rise.

Knowing this, the wisdom of removing simple carbohydrates and sugars from the diet becomes obvious. The ignorant use of glucose in cancer patients also becomes painfully obvious. The objective is to make it difficult for cancer cells to reproduce. Why fuel them with a primary requirement? The cancer cells are unable to efficiently use protein or complex carbohydrates for food. The healthy cells of our body and immune system are able to use these (protein and complex carbohydrates) as fuel and for repair. Adapt the patient to a diet that includes protein and complex carbohydrates and eliminates the rest. This is a simple change that can make a huge difference in the final outcome of the disease process. It’s also important to remember that a large number of cancer cell types have receptor sites for opiates. In other words, opiates used to fight pain will actually increase the cancer cell’s growth rate. Read full article in How PEMF Helps with Pain Relief in cancer.

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PEMF therapy helps with pain relief in 3 powerful ways:
1) PEMF therapy increases endorphins, serotonin, and other hormones help to relieve pain.
2) PEMF therapy reduces and temporarily interrupts the pain signal. Less signal equals less pain.
3) PEMF actually heals and regenerates the tissue so the pain really goes away.
The primary mechanisms for pain in response to cell injury are edema, apoptosis or necrosis, diminished circulation, decreased cellular metabolism and impaired cellular repair processes. PEMFS reverse ALL these :
– Improve circulation/microcirculation.
– Enhance cellular metabolism and energy.
– Improve detoxification and reverse swelling/edema.
– Stimulate stem cells and cellular regeneration to ACTUALLY heal the problem so the pain GOES away and stays away.


Europe embraced PEMF therapy long ago, using it without fail in scientific studies for the purpose of promoting healing.
– In 1979, the FDA approved PEMF therapy for the Healing of Non-union Fractures.
– In 1998, the FDA approved PEMF therapy for Urinary Incontinence and Muscle Stimulation.
– In 2004, the FDA approved PEMF therapy for Cervical fusion patients at high-risk of non-fusion.
– In 2006, the FDA approved PEMF therapy for the treatment of Depression and Anxiety.
In 2011, the FDA approved PEMF therapy for the treatment of Brain cancer.
Most PEMF devices are sold today in many countries worldwide as wellness devices.


Europe has used this in more than 400,000 sessions with cancer patients, and for more than 20 years with success. This is great news for those who suffer from cancer because this non-invasive therapy means that healthy cells won’t be impacted while the cancer cells are being starved.

The easier way to say this is that using PEMF therapy with low-frequency pulses will result in the intense therapy that surrounds these damaged cells. Healthy cells are not impacted negatively but remain strong.

One of the most interesting discoveries for researchers is what they can see under the microscope. When looking at the blood cells from a cancer patient under a dark field microscope, the blood cells will be clustered together which prevents proper oxygenation. Once PEMF therapy has been given to a patient, it’s easy to do a bloodwork and review it under microscope to see that the blood is flowing freely and the cells are able to breathe and function as they should.

Healthy cells mean that cancer cannot survive, causing the health of tissues to be restored along with that of cells, nerves, and blood vessels.


  • The PEMF produce gentle pulses through an electromagnetic field that cannot be seen, and they can permeate the cells. This means that PEMF can cause the membranes to become more permeable.
  • PEMF’s are delivered via a mat that the individual can lay on, allowing the therapy to penetrate the entire body.
  • PEMF increase energy production. PEMF increases metabolic energy of ATP production in the mitochondria. PEMF therapy has been research-proven to go in both directions, meaning it helps to stimulate the production of ATP in the mitochondria through microcirculation, transportation of nutrients, co-enzymes, oxygen – everything that the body needs to create ATP, or energy.
  • Consistent use of the therapy and increasing the charge will affect cancer cells by killing them. These cells cannot hold a charge for too long from PEMF therapy.
  • There is an increased supply of oxygen, starving the cancer cells.
  • PEMF improves circulation and microcirculation.
  • PEMF reduces cancer pain.
  • PEMF therapy stimulates cellular repair.
  • PEMF Improves Detoxification.
  • PEMF Improves The Immune System.
  • Impairing the metabolism of a cancer cell means it cannot continue to grow.
    The reasons are countless and the research continues, but this is the basis of why this therapy works. Read full article on How PEMF Helps The Body to Heal Itself.


PEMF-based anticancer strategies may represent a new therapeutic approach to treat cancer without affecting normal tissues in a manner that is non-invasive and can be potentially combined with existing anti-cancer treatments.

Nobody can say what the best form of treatment for cancer is, so it is important to take all options into consideration. In the end, every patient should choose for themselves what form of treatment they want to accept or decline, but it is better to increase one’s chances with as many options as are available.

Medicine today continues to search for answers in the war on cancer, to find a cure. Finding ways to cure cancer is certainly a desirable goal, but rather to find ways of making our current therapies more effective to produce longer-lasting results with a better quality of life. PEMF Therapy is a good tool to discuss with your doctor as a complementary treatment option to add to your treatment protocol.


To read the article of PubMed Study on Mechanism & Therapeutic Effectiveness of PEMF in Oncology, click: MECHANISM & THERAPEUTIC EFFECTIVENESS OF PEMF IN ONCOLGY

Mechanism & Therapeutic Effectiveness of PEMF in ONCOLOGY

Research online for yourself about PEMF therapy, and learn more about all of the studies that have been conducted on improving overall health by PEMF therapy.

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